How to Use Music and Sound to Reduce Anxiety

How to Use Music and Sound to Reduce Anxiety

If you have ever experienced anxiety, you know that it can be an overwhelming and even terrifying thing. The sense of dread, panic attacks and a racing heart are all normal symptoms of this condition. Thankfully, there are ways you can manage your anxiety.

These work because they convince your brain that it is not in danger - thus, lowering the intensity of the response. Natural stress relievers like music and sound can help.
Here are some ways you can use them to do so.

Create a Calming Music Ritual

As humans evolved, over tens of thousands of years, we lived in close-knit communities with a strong connection to nature. Over the past century,
however, our way of life has changed significantly. We experience excessive stress, due to how we live and work.
Stress, in the short term, is not a bad thing. It's a response that enables us to meet challenges and control situations. If it becomes chronic, however, it can lead to negative health conditions like anxiety and depression, a poor immune system, increased blood pressure and heart disease.
A simple way to calm your nervous system and reduce anxiety is to engage in a music ritual. All you need to do is select music that relaxes and is soothing. Choose instrumental music or sounds from nature. While you’re listening, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Try to let go of any anxious thoughts. When you feel relaxed enough, simply turn the music off.
This ritual will become easier, as you practice it more often.

Play Sounds to Help Tame Anxiety

There are many sounds that can help to reduce anxiety. For example, the sound of rushing water is a wonderful way to calm both mind and body. If you’re able to, get out into nature and spend some time near a stream, a river, a waterfall. Alternatively, listen to the sound of crickets, birdsong or crashing waves. You can find a recording of any of these online.

Sound Therapy for Anxiety Relief

A sound therapy routine can include listening to recordings while you’re relaxing at home or when you’re travelling. There are many apps that can be used for this. If you’re in search of a recording, make sure it's designed to reduce stress and anxiety.
White Noise is a neutral sound that combines all the different sounds you would hear in a day. It's calming and can help you drift off into asleep. White Noise is often used in meditation to clear the mind of stressful thoughts.
Music Therapy is simply listening to music that relaxes and resonates with you. It can help to reduce anxiety and improve your mood. There are music therapy apps that you can use on your phone.
Ocean Therapy focuses on the sound of crashing waves and is very soothing. It's a great sound therapy choice for those who live far from a beach.
Meditation. Not all meditation techniques require you to sit down or even close your eyes. Some can be done, quite simply, while you’re listening to calming sounds.

Whichever sound therapy you choose, remember that you are ultimately in control and have the power to dispel anxiety and stress through the focus and awareness of your wonderful mind.