About Us


Born in London. Raised in Toronto. Citizen of the world. John has been designing jewelry for 30 years - a career often punctuated by travels to the far corners of the earth, seeking inspiration for his collections.

There was an element of synchronicity that started his partnership with Boris. One breezy March morning, as he was taking his little boy, Valentino, to school, he discovered that the beat-up old family Volvo had been broken into. There were papers, cds and vintage parking receipts littered about. Valentino picked up the mobile phone holder that was at his feet - the type that clamps on to the air vent. The magnet that holds the phone is covered by rubber. He had already told his old man that he liked stroking the rubber case that holds the Iphone. 'It makes me feel calm, Daddy'. When he picked up the phone holder in the car, he started rubbing it and asked if he could keep it. 

That was an auspicious start to designing for Stimm.

John and Valentino

Clara & Boris Bauer

Boris is Liesel's and Clara’s (they/them) dad. Boris moved from Germany to the US in 1992. Liesel was born in 2002, and Clara was born in 2003. Clara has been diagnosed with severe Anxiety Disorder in 2017 and later also with misophonia.

While Clara worked with their therapist to learn about the tools and methods to cope with severe bouts of anxiety, they both discovered a favorite routine. When Clara was getting anxious they would ask Boris to do the “5 senses countdown”. 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste. This coping strategy often worked and helped Clara with the situation and avoid a panic attack.

Clara and Boris started talking about the concept of stimming and soon the idea for Stimm Jewelry was born.

Clara and Boris