STIMM Fidget Ring - stimm-jewelry

STIMM Fidget Ring

The idea for the Fidget Ring was to create a perfect circle, with no bells and whistles. No details, no gemstones, no patterned angles. It sounds obvious, but fashion is based on the idea that tastes change and design should change with those tastes - or guide them.
Not for us at Stimm. We believe that there are universal ideas and it's not by chance that the wedding band - that symbol of eternal union - is just that: a simple band. A circle. We love the idea.

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Our Enchanted Heart Shaped Pendant - stimm-jewelry

Our Enchanted Heart Shaped Pendant

The origin of our best-selling Heart Shaped Pendant stretches back, more than 30 years, to a small town in central Mexico. On a trip south, to spend some time in the jungles of Chiapas, on the Guatemalan border, we happened across a jewelry workshop that was handmaking perfect metal spheres with chimes inside. The sound was ethereal and wonderfully relaxing.

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Fly With Stimm - stimm-jewelry

Fly With Stimm

For the first time, I recognized that there is a real place in today's world of travel for stimming jewelry. A calming necklace - or any form of calming jewelry - is a useful tool in focusing the senses and pushing away any anxiety associated with long journeys or a bumpy flight. 

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Leave It To Geege and Stimm. Hollywood Comes Calling. - stimm-jewelry

Leave It To Geege and Stimm. Hollywood Comes Calling.

I met Pootie - a character, a superstar, a force of nature - and learned a lot about autism. I also got to spend a bit of time with good friends in a little place called Athens, Georgia.

And that is the story of how Hollywood came knocking on Stimm's door.

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Stimm Goes To Cuba - stimm-jewelry

Stimm Goes To Cuba

Without getting too philosophical, we read Shakespeare still, because he wrote about universal themes: love, loss, loyalty, betrayal. There's a bit of that in Stimm. Not those themes, but that which unifies us. We all need to find a balance in our lives, a calm in our everyday chaos, a reconnecting with our senses.

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Rembrandt and the Stimm Scent Necklace - stimm-jewelry

Rembrandt and the Stimm Scent Necklace

Our Scent Necklace allows you to change the essential oil that you carry - via a small sponge in the pendant - from day to day, according to your mood. People speak of the calming effect of Lavender and Chamomile or the energizing effect of Peppermint and Lemon. The truth is that each person is different and we find ourselves reacting to scent in different ways; much of this is tied to memory.

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