Stimm Triple Bangle Set


The rustle of leaves, a gurgling stream, the comforting sound of wind chimes. If we find a sound relaxing, that sound can often help us cope with stress. We hope that the gentle clink of the interlocking bangles of our Triple Bangle Set will soon become your personal sound - reassuring and calming - and that it will help you deal with the stresses of everyday life. We've designed our tri tone gold Triple Bangle Set to be worn for any occasion, so, please, dress it up or dress it down! 

The perfect companion for our Triple Ring Necklace.

Stimm jewelry is simple, elegant, timeless and purpose-designed to be worn every day. Each design comes beautifully packaged in a branded Stimm gift box with satin pouch and Stimm story card.

Made from: stainless steel

Dimensions: bangle inner diameter: 2.7 inches (68 mm)