STIMM Fidget Ring

STIMM Fidget Ring

Giotto is considered by many as the first great Renaissance painter and there is an often-repeated story of how he won an important commission for a set of paintings for St Peter's. In the late 13th century, Pope Boniface VIII sent a courtier on a task to find the best painter in Italy. The courtier asked all the artists to give him a sample of their work to send to the Pope. He came to Giotto’s workshop, explained his mission, and asked him for a drawing which would give the Pope some idea of his competence and style.
Giotto laid down a sheet of paper, reached for a brush dipped in red paint, closed his arm to his side to make a sort of compass of it, and in one even sweep drew a perfect circle. The courtier was not impressed, but w
hen he got back to Rome he showed the Pope the perfect circle and told him how Giotto had drawn it, freehand, without a compass. The pope and his advisors understood the achievement of that O and gave Giotto the commission.

That story was at the back of my mind, when I designed the Stimm Fidget Ring. How difficult, you may ask, is it to design a simple band ring? Well, it's not, but, as they say 'God is in the detail'. Or, in this case, the lack of detail.
Stimm Jewelry is inspired by the concept of sensory stimulation and mindfulness. It's designed to help you remain calm, feel grounded and focused on your senses. To that end, the idea for the Fidget Ring was to create a perfect circle, with no bells and whistles. No details, no gemstones, no patterned angles. It sounds obvious, but fashion is based on the idea that tastes change and design should change with those tastes - or guide them.
Not for us at Stimm. We believe that there are universal ideas and it's not by chance that the wedding band - that symbol of eternal union - is just that: a simple band. A circle. We love the idea.

Stimm fidget ring

Add to that the rotating central band - a secret in itself - and you have the perfect piece of jewelry to help spin away your anxious thoughts. It is a Fidget Ring, but we see no agitation in how people unconsciously spin the band. It's a natural movement. And the ring's high polished finish is relaxing to the touch. Calming to the senses. Sometimes, the simplest designs are the best designs. So, spare a thought for the Renaissance genius, long gone from this mortal coil, who was the inspiration for Stimm's Fidget Ring.