Our Enchanted Heart Shaped Pendant

Our Enchanted Heart Shaped Pendant

The origin of our best-selling Heart Shaped Pendant stretches back, more than 30 years, to a small town in central Mexico. On a trip south, to spend some time in the jungles of Chiapas, on the Guatemalan border, we happened across a jewelry workshop that was handmaking perfect metal spheres with chimes inside. The sound was ethereal and wonderfully relaxing. Because each sphere was made by hand, no two carried the same sound - making it an incredibly personal piece for the wearer. From this simple sphere, our heart shaped pendant was born.

How To Use Your Heart Shaped Pendant

When we first encountered the chiming spheres, we realized that they could be used for stress relief and in meditation. Giving sphere necklaces to friends as presents, we noticed that all of them shook them gently and subconsciously. The sound seemed to dissipate their stress almost immediately. The very same thing happened, of course, with the heart shaped pendant. We had decided to create a chiming heart design, as we knew that nearly everyone loves to wear a classic heart necklace! The echo chamber was slightly different, due to its shape, but we quickly overcame that. As with the sphere, simply take the heart pendant in your fingers and gently shake it back and forth. Your mind and body will melt.

What's Inside Your Heart Shaped Pendant?

That's the question we're asked over and over. Apart from a sprinkling of magic, it's a very simple design. Each heart shaped pendant carries inside it something akin to a miniature metal 'xylophone', shaped to fit the interior, with several tiny metal balls that bounce around - when the necklace is shaken - to create the soothing chimes. With the source invisible, however, we don't think anyone would have guessed that!

Stimming With Your Heart Shaped Pendant

Stimming is all about focusing your senses, with the aim of relaxing your mind and body. Your heart shaped pendant offers the liberating experiences of both touch and sound. Through its smooth curves, it's a wonderfully tactile necklace. And, as soon as you touch it, you'll be captivated by its gentle and unique chimes. The rest you'll do naturally ...